About Us

      About NYUSPS Tokyo

      NYU School of Professional Studies Tokyo (NYUSPS Tokyo) serves the needs of the business and academic community in Tokyo and beyond. Through educational content delivery that builds strong foundations and best practices for success in the emerging global marketplace, employees in Japanese and international companies based in Tokyo can gain the competitive edge.

      Current offerings include immersive Course in Global English. In the near future, the NYUSPS Tokyo will launch additional programming to build skills in high-demand industry sectors including: public relations and marketing, hospitality and tourism, sports management, and global energy.

      Our goal is to develop and to teach educational content that is relevant to your career or your business. Our in-depth expertise in growing Japanese market sectors that require an understanding of international business and global business English communications, makes us the ideal choice for individuals and companies who want to get ahead.

      From industry focused seminars and events to individualized instruction and corporate training programs, we can meet your needs in our centrally located facility in Shinagawa or in your own offices.