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      We provide customized educational programs to meet the needs of hiring and HR managers. We assist companies in developing their hiring employees English language and business skills.

      Our corporate programs to prepare employees to:

      • ・Write and deliver clear and compelling business presentations in English
      • ・Actively participate in international business meetings and negotiations
      • ・Build knowledge, skills, and vocabulary in specific industry sectors
      • ・Review and understand complex business documents and contracts
      • ・Communicate during overseas business trips or on longer-term international assignments.
      • ・Earn an MBA in an English-speaking country

      Sample plans

      A:Custom Courses

      We offer customized programs designed for managers and executives who need to acquire English and business skills to engage in the global marketplace. These include in-house training programs for:

      • ・Executives
      • ・Future leaders
      • ・Business professionals in international divisions
      • ・Business professionals who travel overseas or complete long-term overseas assignments
      • ・New employees

      B:Professional English Plan

      These plans offer professional courses that focus on industry-specific content. They are designed for business professionals who would like to learn more about their industry or an area of specialty while strengthening their English language skills. Professionals from a variety of industries study together, building knowledge and English language skills in:

      • ・Marketing
      • ・Management
      • ・Finance
      • ・Leadership

      C:Study Abroad Preparation Plan

      This plan is perfect for business professionals who are sponsored by their companies to earn an MBA or a business degree overseas.

      Our Strengths

      1. The NYU School of Professional Studies Tokyo offers communication-based, student-centered classes led by faculty members who have a wealth of experience in teaching at universities in Japan and/or abroad. You will learn sought-after business skills and refine your English through real-life communication with your instructors and classmates.

      2. The NYUSPS Tokyo provides a diverse array of programs that allow you to learn practical English, which can be immediately used at work in the specialty areas of finance, accounting, marketing, business management, leadership, and management. You will learn to communicate more effectively in professional settings by developing English and business skills at the same time.

      3. You also will become familiar with current business trends by reading The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and by discussing traditional and digital media content. In addition, you will develop research skills to gather information in English and to learn about business practices at some of the world’s most influential and successful companies.

      Corporate Training Program

      This plan is designed to improve employees’ English skills in accordance with your company’s human resources management plan.

      On-Campus option

      The on-campus plan is designed for those who need to improve their English language skills for work or who choose to learn about a particular area of industry specialization. Students can be sponsored by their company as a group or can participate with company approval and funding on their own.

      Courses are taught in our state-of-the-art facility, where students can meet and network with business professionals from companies across Tokyo. Five and Ten-week course options are available and can be scheduled to meet the needs of your company.

      Course Examples

      Networking and Presentations
      Meetings and Negotiations
      International Business Communication

      ※We also can provide on-site training courses. For more details, please call:

      Self-Development Supporting Plan

      Those employees, who choose to study on their own without corporate sponsorship, may be entitled to specific benefits including a corporate discount that includes a waiver of all entrance fees in addition to a 5% discount.

      Corporate Clients

      Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd.
      Japan Tobacco Inc.

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