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      Enrollment Steps

      In order to best serve you, we would like to learn more about you as well as your educational goals and objectives. This will allow us to ensure that the course of study in which you enroll is the one best suited to your needs.

      Step 1: Individual Advisement Sessions and Open Campus Events

      Please make a reservation by clicking the icon above if you would like to participate in our Individual Advisement Sessions and Open Campus events.

      Individual Advisement Sessions:
      A student advisor will suggest a specific course of study, based upon the results of the Individual Advisement Session by a student advisor and the English interview by an instructor.

      Open Campus Events:
      NYU School of Professional Studies Tokyo holds Open Campus events, where participants can experience portions of NYU English program prior to enrolling.

      Step 2: Course and Plan Specifics

      A student advisor will propose a study plan and a tuition estimate, based upon the prospective student goals and schedule. A student advisor will also provide a discount system if applicable, and an academic consultation for budget and education credits (loans).

      Step 3: Study Plan

      The prospective student will make a study plan and schedule. Please feel free to contact a student advisor if you have any questions.

      Step 4: Application

      Please make a reservation for admission. The admission procedure is to fill in an application form and confirmation of terms and conditions of agreement, and to make payment. It is recommended to bring a credit card and a seal (if you use education credits) to better facilitate the admission process.

      Feel free to contact us via information (Request Form) on our website or to call us.

      Toll-free Number 0120-265-212