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      The NYUSPS Tokyo Advantage

      When you enroll in a course at the NYU School of Professional Studies Tokyo (NYUSPS Tokyo), you become part of a learning community that focuses on your success. Our programs are developed to provide you with a level of excellence that only NYUSPS Tokyo can by building knowledge and skills that you can immediately use within your work environment.

      Because we are part of a world-renowned institution of higher learning with longstanding global connections, we are able to provide you with a truly international perspective that will serve you well in Japan and in your professional ventures around the globe.

      Whether you are an individual who seeks to advance in your career by acquiring a deeper understanding of the global marketplace and international communications, or you are a hiring manager within a Japanese or an international company who is interested in training your employees to succeed by providing them with a comprehensive view of world business and the skills and intuition it takes to succeed, we have a program for you.

      1. Faculty Members Who Are Expert in Their Fields

      Our faculty members provide you with an outstanding educational experience by imparting their knowledge of complex ideas and communications in a way that supports your learning goals and objectives. They are highly attuned to the Japanese culture as well as to the many different nuances of English-speaking business cultures around the world. It is this level of expertise that truly sets them apart in their ability to guide and teach you in the way that will benefit you most.

      Faculty members hold terminal degrees in TESOL, applied linguistics or in a specialized area of business. Many conduct research that helps to inform what they teach in the classroom. Their connections to industry in Japan and in overseas markets serve as a valuable addition to providing you with course content that is relevant and immediately applicable in your job.

      Introduction of our instructors

      • Kumi Esther Ishiyama

        Corporate Programs Coordinator

        MA in Tesol from the American University
        Kumi Ishiyama started helping foreign students at the American University in Washington D.C. in particular, students who had difficulty with English pronunciation. After teaching immigrants in the United States, she returned to Japan in December 2003 and started teaching at the Temple University Continuing Education Program, as well as serving Japanese business professionals as a language instructor. Prior to her current work as the Academic Advisor and the special Program Coordinator at the NYUSPS Tokyo, she taught English at the International Christian University from April 2005 to June 2013.

      • Steven Bohme

        Academic Coordinator

        MA in East Asian Studies, University of Toronto
        Steven has been in Japan for 30 years, and has taught university students as well as Japanese professionals across many industries. With his background in business, economics, film production, and East Asian studies, Steven brings an historical approach to the study of English as a Foreign Language at NYUSPS Tokyo. His experiences in the banking sector and in global companies such as Apple add a modern, real-world approach to his classes. In addition to his MA in East Asian Studies, Steven holds a Diploma in Japanese Studies from Nanzan University in Nagoya and a BA in Economics from the University of Toronto.

      2. Programs to help you accomplish outstanding results

      NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) provides academic oversight to NYUSPS Tokyo. Founded in 1945, the English Language Institute (formerly American Language Institute) of NYUSPS is the first university-affiliated language institute in the US to provide a program for second-language learners from around the world. The English Language Institute at NYUSPS has designed, developed, and refined the Global English Program at NYUSPS Tokyo so that non-native English speakers can effectively learn English skills.

      Students in the Global English Program are expected to prepare for their classes in order to maximize their ability to practice specific English skills and vocabulary with their peers. Upon completion of their course, students come away with skills so that they can deal effectively in various professional situations. Examples of skills that they acquire include: expressing opinions and reasons through discussions, problem-solving strategies through role plays, and presentation skills.

      Students who enroll at NYUSPS Tokyo are registered as a student at New York University and provided with a student ID number (issued by New York University).

      For those who would like to experience the classroom atmosphere, please join Open Campus.(Click here)

      For those who would like to know your current English proficiency and have appropriate advice for achieving your goals, please make a reservation for an individual counseling session (Click here).

      3. Global Perspective

      Our faculty members are experts in the fields of English education and business. Many of our faculty have hands-on knowledge of Japanese and international businesses and schools. Our faculty keep themselves up-to-date with current events by conducting research in their field, nurturing startups, and teaching English in corporate and academic settings. They have a wide range of experiences that make them specialists in teaching English to businesspeople from various industries.

      We design our curricula in order to help students gain intercultural understanding and English skills that can help them achieve ideal results in global business settings

      Students in the Global English Program learn in an environment where they can network with other students who have similar professional goals. In this environment, they can motivate each other to work hard and set a high goal to excel not only in Japan, but also around the world.

      For human resources persons or corporate managers, we can develop and offer corporate training programs customized to achieve your goals after interviewing their needs. If you are interested in our corporate programs, please contact us at corporate service above.

      For those who would like to experience the classroom atmosphere, please join Open Campus.(Click here)

      For those who would like to know your current English proficiency and have appropriate advice for achieving your goals, please make a reservation for an individual counseling session (Click here).