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      The NYUSPS Tokyo Advantage

      When you enroll in a course at the NYU School of Professional Studies Tokyo (NYUSPS Tokyo), you become part of a learning community that focuses on your success. Our programs are developed to provide you with a level of excellence that only NYUSPS Tokyo can by building knowledge and skills that you can immediately use within your work environment.

      Because we are part of a world-renowned institution of higher learning with longstanding global connections, we are able to provide you with a truly international perspective that will serve you well in Japan and in your professional ventures around the globe.

      Whether you are an individual who seeks to advance in your career by acquiring a deeper understanding of the global marketplace and international communications, or you are a hiring manager within a Japanese or an international company who is interested in training your employees to succeed by providing them with a comprehensive view of world business and the skills and intuition it takes to succeed, we have a program for you.

      1. Faculty Members Who Are Expert in Their Fields

      Our faculty members provide you with an outstanding educational experience by imparting their knowledge of complex ideas and communications in a way that supports your learning goals and objectives. They are highly attuned to the Japanese culture as well as to the many different nuances of English-speaking business cultures around the world. It is this level of expertise that truly sets them apart in their ability to guide and teach you in the way that will benefit you most.

      Faculty members hold terminal degrees in TESOL, applied linguistics or in a specialized area of business. Many conduct research that helps to inform what they teach in the classroom. Their connections to industry in Japan and in overseas markets serve as a valuable addition to providing you with course content that is relevant and immediately applicable in your job.

      2. Educational Programs That Build Specialized Skills and Expertise

      The programs at NYUSPS Tokyo immerse you in topics that range across the spectrum of global business and communications. They allow you the opportunity to build upon your current knowledge of English language, as they focus your expertise in key areas of communications and business. Course content is designed to encourage you to participate in the classroom and to lend your voice to the discussion. It is this level of interaction that allows you to practice your newly acquired language/communication/business skills, while building your confidence to apply them in your own work environment.
      Our current course offerings are taught in varying levels of English—foundations, intermediate, and advanced. Our faculty members and administrators can help you to determine which level is right for you.

      3. Convenient Location and Flexible Schedules

      At NYUSPS Tokyo, we are aware of the many demands placed upon busy working professionals. Our programs are designed to fit your schedule. Evening courses allow you the time to commute to our convenient location, which is directly next to the Shinagawa Station. Courses also are offered during the day and on the weekends.

      You will meet and mingle with other professionals just like you, who are juggling the commitments of the office and home, while striving to stay current on the best ways to succeed in Japan and in the global marketplace.

      Custom tailored corporate programs are available for employment managers who seek to train their employees onsite or in state-of-the-art facilities.

      NYU Resources

      As a student enrolled in one of our programs, you will benefit from having access to NYU library and data resources. You will be provided with an NYU-ID and will have the same access to the NYU library and other online databases that is granted to students in New York and around the world. Access to articles, e-journals, and specialized books will help you in your studies. You also will have access to the NYUSPS Tokyo student homepage where you can review the syllabus for your class, associated reference books, as well as class content. NYUSPS Tokyo has a support system that allows students to ask questions and to receive guidance if they concerns about the content of their classes or English language learning in general.