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      Privacy Policy

      Declaration Concerning Personal Information

      NICHIIGAKKAN CO.,LTD. (hereinafter “The Company”) is dedicated to the delivery of high-quality specialized educational, medical administration and healthcare, nursing care, and childcare services designed to meet the needs of the user thus contributing to human well-being, and as an enterprise that wishes to continue to earn the trust of all its stakeholders recognizes its responsibility to manage personal information appropriately in accordance with the policies described below in “Protection of Personal Information”, and promises that all its employees will make every effort to ensure that these policies are implemented in full.

      Nobusuke Mori
      President and COO
      December 1, 2017

      Protection of Personal Information

      • 1.Personal information shall only be obtained, used, disseminated, or shared with others once the purpose and scope of use has been made clear and client permission has been granted.
      • 2.All reasonable care and attention shall be taken to ensure that personal information data is not accessed without authorization, lost, damaged, altered or leaked.
      • 3.Each section responsible for the handling of personal information shall ensure that its handling is appropriate and that any requests from clients for the correction of revision of that information are addressed properly.
      • 4.To ensure that all employees are aware of the importance of correctly handling personal information, The Company shall implement appropriate training and awareness measures.
      • 5.The Company shall ensure compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to the handling of personal information.
      • 6.The Company shall establish the management system for the protection of personal information and ensure that all employees respect its provisions, and shall implement periodic reviews, implementing continuous improvements on a regular basis.

      Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

      Purposes of the Collection of Personal Information

      In order to provide the best possible services, The Company may collect personal information from clients by inviting them to enter it into the NYU School of Professional Studies Tokyo website (hereinafter “The Website”). Personal information collected via The Website may be:

      • (1)Used in distribution of documentation and information about programs, courses, events and related matters, and to contact clients.
      • (2)Used in connection with application processing, admissions and language testing.
      • (3)Provided to New York University.
      • (4)Used in statistical analyses and administrative processes.
      • (5)Used in distribution of documentation and information about programs offered by Nichii Gakkan Inc, Gaba Inc., York Global Study Center Co., Ltd. and SELC.*

      * SELC stands for SELC Australia Pty. Ltd., SELC Tours Pty. Ltd., SELC English Language Centre Canada Ltd., and SELC Career College Canada Ltd.

      Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act(FERPA)

      Types of Personal Information That May Be Collected

      Personal Information that may be collected via The Website is defined as the following:
      Name, Postal Address, Telephone Number, Birthdate, Gender, Occupation, Email addres,
      Payment information and nationality of admission applicants

      Disclosure, Dissemination of Personal Information

      With the exception of the following cases, we shall not divulge client personal information to third parties:

      • ・The client has given permission.
      • ・Personal information must be shared with contractors in order to fulfill objectives described in the abovementioned "Purposes of the Collection of Personal Information"
      • ・A request for disclosure has been received from a duly authorized representative of the legal authorities.
      • ・A request for disclosure has been received from the police or other similar authority.

      Management of Personal Information

      The Company shall ensure that client personal information is handled in accordance with the above “Purposes of the Collection of Personal Information” and that all due care and attention is taken to prevent any unauthorized disclosure. In connection with the maintenance of The Website and the distribution of various documents, The Company may commission work to affiliated companies and other contractors, supervising the implementation of such work.


      The Website implements SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect client information being transferred to and from The Website. Pages protected by SLL security bear URLs beginning with “https:”, and a lock icon should appear beneath the status bar of the browser when visiting these pages.

      Third Party Cookies

      In order to assess the communicative effectiveness of The Website and better understand how it is being used, web beacons and cookies provided by marketing partners are deployed on the site to facilitate statistical analysis. Types of information collected include access rates and pages visited. These partner companies may record and use data drawn from The Website under supervision by The Company. If you do not wish to participate in such surveys, please simply click to opt out to disable the operation of these analytic tools.


      The content of the Privacy Policy described in The Website is subject to change. When content is modified, the site content will be updated, and notification implemented. If you wish to check or modify the content of the personal information you have entrusted to us, please refer to the contact information below in contacting us.


      Personal Information Inquiries

      NYU School of Professional Studies Tokyo
      Tel: 03-5220-2112
      Fax: 03-3287-0170
      Open: Tuesdays-Saturdays 09:00 to 17:15

      December 1, 2017