If you have strong English communications skills, but wish to further develop your English for use in the workplace or for further education in English, the advanced courses are for you. Advanced students may be planning to take professional courses in English, or they may need a higher level of English to meet new demands at their workplace. Advanced classes will help you to develop specialized vocabulary, improve grammatical accuracy, express and support opinions clearly, and raise communication skills to a level acceptable for professional use.

      Advanced courses will:

      • ・Allow you to understand and listen to authentic English such as TV reports, TED talks, Podcasts or other sources produced for native speakers
      • ・Enable you to discuss and to debate current issues and business topics
      • ・Improve your ability to negotiate and make effective business presentations
      • ・Teach you to apply intermediate and advanced grammatical forms for more effective communication by practicing your writing and by organizing a variety of rhetorical forms including compare and contrast, problem-solution, and/or summarization
      • ・Build your specialized vocabulary related to business, industry, and academic study by reading, summarizing, and discussing authentic written texts from various professional and academic contexts

      After completing a series of advanced courses, you will be better prepared to use English effectively in professional situations or to pursue further education in English or a professional area of speciality.