Perhaps you are an individual who has studied English in school, but has forgotten much of what you learned. Maybe you studied English in a way that stressed grammar and translation, but that provided little practice in English communication. If so, then the Foundations courses are for you. They will help you to use the English that you previously learned for basic communication and will allow you to become a confident participant in an English-only class.

      Foundations courses will:

      • ・Improve your listening skills by participating in English only classes
      • ・Improve your speaking skills by creating and practicing dialogues and role plays, and by having extended conversations about familiar topics with teachers and classmates
      • ・Review basic English grammar and sentence patterns, and enable you to complete short writing assignments
      • ・Boost your vocabulary and reading speed by completing reading assignments and actively organizing and memorizing assigned vocabulary

      Upon completing a series of Foundations courses, you will be able to understand basic English instructions, converse about familiar topics, and write short paragraphs. Students should feel confident participating in an English-only class.