Global English Program Communicate effectively in Japan, and around the world

      The NYU School of Professional Studies Tokyo (NYUSPS Tokyo) offers three levels of Global English. Each level provides courses to help you better communicate in your work or academic environment and with colleagues and business associates here, in Japan, and around the world.

      Whether you have a minimal knowledge of English and need to acquire stronger language skills for communication purposes; you have a basic knowledge of English, but do not often use it often; or you have strong English language skills and seek to increase your vocabulary and improve grammatical accuracy to better serve your own professional interests or your company, NYU SPS Tokyo has programs of study to meet your goals and objectives. 

      Our courses allow you to focus on specific content or language areas, mastering the English language skills associated with it. 

      Courses allow you to focus in on an area of your choosing, while mastering the English language skills associated with it.
      Faculty members and administrators will help to guide your class choice based upon your level of English and on what you hope to accomplish.

      Staff and faculty will guide you in your course choice based on your level of English and your learning goals.


      If you have strong English communications skills, but wish to further develop your English for use in the workplace or for further education in English, the advanced courses are for you. Advanced students may be planning to take professional courses in English, or they may need a higher level of English to meet new demands at their workplace. Advanced classes will help you to develop specialized vocabulary, improve grammatical accuracy, express and support opinions clearly, and raise communication skills to a level acceptable for professional use.


      If you are an individual who has basic English communication skills and you feel confident in joining an English-only class, then the Intermediate courses are the right choice for you. Intermediate students may not have used English extensively in their professional or academic life, or they find that their English ability is not adequate for many of the demands they encounter at work or school. Intermediate courses will help you to develop the skills and confidence you need to understand English spoken by advanced or native speakers and to develop the productive skills to engage in more advanced English study.


      Perhaps you are an individual who has studied English in school, but has forgotten much of what you learned. Maybe you studied English in a way that stressed grammar and translation, but that provided little practice in English communication. If so, then the Foundations courses are for you. They will help you to use the English that you previously learned for basic communication and will allow you to become a confident participant in an English-only class.