If you are an individual who has basic English communication skills and you feel confident in joining an English-only class, then the Intermediate courses are the right choice for you. Intermediate students may not have used English extensively in their professional or academic life, or they find that their English ability is not adequate for many of the demands they encounter at work or school. Intermediate courses will help you to develop the skills and confidence you need to understand English spoken by advanced or native speakers and to develop the productive skills to engage in more advanced English study.

      Intermediate courses will:

      • ・Improve your listening skills by using textbooks, activities, and authentic videos from YouTube or other sources
      • ・Improve your speaking skills by discussing familiar topics with class members, by summarizing and expressing opinions on news topics, and by making prepared speeches and presentations
      • ・Review intermediate grammar and sentence patterns, and enable you to complete longer written assignments such as short summaries and opinion essays, movie and restaurant reviews, and business emails
      • ・Boost your vocabulary and reading comprehension by reading and responding to newspaper articles, short works of fiction, and reading passages on general and professional topics

      After completing a series of Intermediate courses, you will have strong general communication skills and will be able-with help and support- to understand English texts and recordings developed for native speakers.