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Please fill out the form below for more information. Read the personal information policy and click the button at the bottom if you agree. Inquiries from corporate customers are welcome and are indicated by selecting “Inquiry (corporation)” at “Type of Inquiry".


※NYUプロフェッショナル学部ALI オリジナル英語レベルチェックをご希望の方で、すでに「資料請求 ・各種お問い合わせ」をされたお客様へ


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Request for Brochure 資料請求
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Seminar セミナー
Inquiry (Individual) お問い合わせ(個人の方)
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Please check and enter the score or grade for any English Proficiency test you have taken.
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  TOEFL  example: iBT 70 TOEIC  example: 700 Eiken  example: 3級 Other
How did you hear about the NYU School of Professional Studies ALI Tokyo Center? Multiple answerNYUプロフェッショナル学部ALI東京校は何を見てお知りになりましたか? 複数選択可
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About the personal information policy 個人情報の取り扱いについて


(1) 各種資料の送付やプログラムおよびコース、イベント、これらに関連する諸事項のご案内、および連絡手段として利用
(2) 出願手続、入学手続きおよび語学力テストに関するサポート
(3) ニューヨーク大学(NYU)への個人情報の提供
(4) NYUプロフェッショナル学部ALI東京校における統計調査および業務処理
(5) 株式会社ニチイ学館、株式会社GABA、株式会社ヨーク国際留学センター、SELC(注)からの各種ご案内の送付




注) SELCは、SELC Australia Pty. Ltd. 、SELC Tours Pty. Ltd. 、SELC English Language Centre Canada Ltd. 、SELC Career College Canada Ltd. の総称です。

NYU School of Professional Studies ALI Tokyo Center (operated by Nichii Gakkan Inc.) will handle personal information entrusted in accordance with the following policies.

1. Use policy: personal information received via this website may be:
(1) Used in distribution of documentation and information about programs, courses, events and related matters, and to contact clients.
(2) Used in connection with application processing, admissions and language testing.
(3) Provided to New York University.
(4) Used in statistical analyses and administrative processes at NYU School of Professional Studies ALI Tokyo Center.
(5) Used in distribution of documentation and information about programs offered by Nichii Gakkan, Gaba Inc., York Global Study Center Co., Ltd. and SELC.*

2. Regarding the Handling of Personal Information
NYU School of Professional Studies ALI Tokyo Center undertakes to exercise all due care and attention in the handling of personal information received via this website and in ensuring that it is not released to third parties except New York University and those named in section 1 above.

3. Sharing of personal information with third parties
Personal information received via this website will not be released to third parties apart from those named in section 1 above, and will not be used for purposes except those described in the use policy described above or for the purpose of delegating work to partners or upon the demand of legal authorities, without prior written consent.

For further details regarding the handling of personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

* SELC stands for SELC Australia Pty. Ltd., SELC Tours Pty. Ltd., SELC English Language Centre Canada Ltd., and SELC Career College Canada Ltd.